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Kam Kaj prides itself to provide the best hair cutting services for women, right at your doorsteps

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Services Unit Price
U cut Each Rs. 1,500
V cut Each Rs. 1,500
Feather + Layer Each Rs. 3,000
Feather cutting Each Rs. 2,000
Baby cut Each Rs. 2,000
Layer cutting Each Rs. 3,500
Long layer Each Rs. 2,500
Bob cutting Each Rs. 2,000
Front layer Each Rs. 1,500
Short layer front Each Rs. 2,500
Bangs with layers Each Rs. 2,500
Step cutting Each Rs. 3,000
Straight cut Each Rs. 1,000
Long straight cut Each Rs. 1,000
Short straight cut Each Rs. 1,500
hair dye just root Each Rs. 500
Full hair dye Each Rs. 1,000
Full dye for long hair Each Rs. 1,500


Our expert beauticians give you the cut and style that you are looking for. They will take into consideration your facial features and styling needs to give you the best look for your lifestyle.
Our expert beauticians create a salon environment at home so our customers can enjoy salon service tension-free of timing and traveling.
Our stylist love to hear about your preferences and can recommend hairstyles that suit your lifestyle and face.
We chose the highest quality hair and beauty products from various hair companies that we think work well on your hair.
Call us now at 0304-111-1526 and book your appointment at your time and convenience. You can also message us on social media or book an appointment through the Kam Kaj website and App.
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