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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of sanitization services are provided by Kam Kaj?

Kam Kaj provides four different services: antibacterial spray, general cleaning, mopping, and fogging. Fogging is a technique used to kill insects with the help of using pesticide spray, directed by a blower. All touch points like doorknobs, chair handles, remote control, etc are disinfected. Furthermore, walls, corners, and drains are also cleaned and disinfected.

How do Kam Kaj sanitization services provide a safer environment?

Our experienced professionals use chemicals that are especially made in a way that it makes your environment germ and virus free. The chemicals used are non-hazardous and safe to be used.

Can Kam Kaj disinfect my home and office both?

Kam Kaj provides services to both commercial and residential spaces.

Do I need to vacant the space while sanitization is in process?

Yes, the area needs to be vacant since chemicals will be used during sanitization services. Moreover, for services at home, one of the rooms will be left to use and it will be sanitized when the rest of the house is ready for use.