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We are providing ultimate install, repair, maintenance and cleaning services.

Standard Sofa Cleaning

Per Seat

Starting from Rs.500

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Cushion Cleaning

Per Seat

Starting from Rs.200

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Ottoman Sofa

Per Seat

Starting from Rs.1,000

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Latest Customer Reviews

Here’s what some of our customers say about us.

Tahir Mushtaq .

The profesionalizm and dedication is unique. Further, the quality to complete the work unattended is something you dont see very often. Nice resources.

Sahil Thakur .

I had overall good experiences with KamKaj they complete my work in a good way my sofas are looking newly good work KamKaj.

Rahat Baqir

I am satisfied with KamKaj and I will Call KamKaj for my other work also, KamKaj is a good services provider.

Tooba Farooqi .

excellent and professional service. Mr sadaqat Javaid worked with patience and made me satisfied.

Saad Mushtaq .

very good services , Sadaqat Javaid is very professional and cooperative, good going and keep it up

Mrs Zubair .

I am very much satisfied with the services. their team is very cooperative keep it up Kamkaj.

Rana Khalid .

I am a little satisfied with KamKaj, KamKaj cleans my sofa completely.

Mahnoor .

I had a good cleaning team experience with KamKaj, good work kamkaj.

Hina Ghazanfer

I had a good experience with KamKaj. I am satisfied with Kam Kaj.

Mrs Talha .

I am very much satisfied with KamKaj team to keep it up kamkaj