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We are providing ultimate install, repair, maintenance and cleaning services.

Automatic washing machine repair

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Manual washing machine repair

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Sami auto washing machine repair

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washing machine service

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Latest Customer Reviews

Here’s what some of our customers say about us.

Sadia .

II am Satisfied with KamKaj services but the pro from KamKaj said to me that if you provide me Material then I am not giving you a warranty for seven days but if I provide you material then I will provide you Warranty seven day, Overall KamKaj did good Job.

Khurshid Siddiqui .

I am satisfied with KamKaj only one problem if you get any home appliances with you then you should give some receiving to the customer. otherwise, KamKaj did my work very good way.

Naveed .

I am satisfied with KamKaj but the pro did my work for a temporary time but the pro comment to me they will come again and complete my work for long time working also.

Sami .

I am very satisfied with KamKaj I am suffering this problem for 3 years but KamKaj solved my problem in a day good luck KamKaj.

Waseem Ahmed .

The client is Satisfied with the services machine is working fine. but complain about that his issue didn't resolve in one go

Saqib Jawad .

I am Satisfied with KamKaj Services and will Recommend facebook and google, KamKaj great services provider.

Jeffrey Kaplan .

I am satisfied, Good job is done for my washing machine thank you Kamkaj for being with us.

Farhan .

I am is satisfied with KamKaj and Kamkaj did my job very good way, I am happy with KamKaj.

Naresh Kumar.

Good Service.

Waseem .

V good


The charges are dependent on your washing machine’s brands & models and a wide variety of repair types.
Availing Kam Kaj services is super easy:
You may call us on our UAN 0304-1111526, WhatsApp at 0309-2396084, send a message on social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc. Book required services through the website or download the Kam Kaj App.
We have trained, experienced in-house staff. We provide a post-service guarantee. Our result speaks for our quality work.
If repairing is possible in your home we prefer to do in customer’s house, otherwise, we bring washing machine to our workshop.
Delivery time for washing machine repair after picking up from customer's house is a minimum of 1 or 2 days and a maximum of 7 days. However, if a part is not available in the market then it depends on the availability of parts, but we will make sure to fix your washing machine as soon as possible.
If you aren’t satisfied with Kam Kaj’s services, you can call us on UAN 0304-1111526 or email us at support@kamkaj.pk for any complaint. We will conduct a thorough investigation into your query and try to sort the problem out as soon as possible
We are offering our services in Karachi and Lahore, but soon we will expand our services to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and then to all major cities of Pakistan.


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More About Washing Machine Repair

Professional Washing Machine Installation & Washing Machine Repair

The washing machine is one such technological wonder that has made our lives easier and hassle-free but we often neglect it until it breaks down and leaves us with loads of laundry. There are three types of washing machine manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Common washing machine problems can range from leaking water to improper draining and failure to spin. Don’t ignore the signs that something is wrong with your washing machine. To solve and diagnose a variety of washing machine-related issues you can always rely on Kam Kaj.

Our in-house team of technicians can repair and service all brands of front-loading, top-load, automatic, and portable washing machines with a cost-effective solution. With our quality service, we will get your washing machine back in working state in no time. Our trained in-house washing machine repair technicians can provide washing machine repair services all over Karachi and Lahore.

No matter how big your problem is:

  •  If it's your washer that is not agitating
  • The drum that doesn't drain
  • Too much foam in the machine
  • Jammed door or noise.

Kam Kaj professionals are capable of solving any issue adroitly.

Common Problems of Washing Machine:

Numerous problems may arise in a washing machine, including missing when running, problems while spinning, inability to drain waters, etc. some common problems are:

Washing Machine is Not Mixing

The washer is not mixing, it is due to a faulty lid switch, a broken belt, or a problem with the motor.

The Machine Doesn't Start

Damaged wires and sockets could be the reason for this problem. If that is the case, you will have to replace the damaged wires. If the wires are working properly, then the problem is with your motor.

Noisy Washing Machine

Small items like coins can get into the wash, or your machine has been regularly overloaded and the bearings have gone.

The Drum Doesn't Drain

A blockage in the machine or wastewater pipe could be an issue if the drum of your washing machine is not draining. If the drum of your machine doesn’t drain, this could also be due to an electric fault or faulty pump.

Jammed Door

If the door of your machine is jammed, you will need to replace a door or damaged door parts. Do not try to open it with a jerk.

 Spinning Issue in Automatic Washer

When your washing machine stops spinning, it can be a sign of a motor problem, blocked drain pump, or more serious issue.

The Drum Doesn't fill

This happens when water supply hoses aren’t connected properly, possible bent or leaking, or the filter is blocked. In case of a leakage, the fault should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further loss.

You can always rely on us for the best washing machine repair services. Our trained and experienced in-house staff know how to fix all brands of any type of automatic and semi-automatic washing machine with a post-service guarantee.